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What Happens During the Death Process

Part 1 of a two part series.

Dying of Old Age or Disease

When person, or more accurately the soul aspect or soul fragment, is preparing to transition (die) and go into another dimension, it begins the preparation of disengaging from the body. Slowly, the soul begins to disengage from the physical, mental, emotional, and physical.

During this time, the person's spirit guides and helpers make their presence known and come to help prepare the person for rebirth into another dimension.

Depending on the dying person's beliefs, their spirit helpers can appear as angels. Often, loved ones who have transitioned may show themselves to the individual or their pets.

As the process continues, the loved ones' awareness is spent less and less on the physical plane and more time with their helpers on the nonphysical plane.

Family members and friends of the person preparing for transition may notice their loved one having a more distant look in their eyes. They may stare off into space at seemingly nothing in particular. Often this staring is when they are on the other plane or seeing their helpers. Your loved one may mention they saw their sister, brother, or grandfather and have been communicating with them. According to death educator Martha Atkins, your loved one may see visitors we can't see when they're getting ready to die. They may hear music, visit with their pets that have died, see gardens, and so on. These visions also happen to the blind and the deaf.

If your loved one demonstrates these behaviors peacefully, or if they are undisturbed by what they experience, it is helpful to understand and even encourage them to talk about what they see and feel.

If, on the other hand, they are disturbed by their experiences or unsure, gently reassure them that angels or family members and friends who have already crossed over or transitioned are watching over them.

When your loved one is in the final stages of transitioning, they may begin to sleep a lot more, withdraw their communication, and have little or no interest in eating; this indicates the soul is actively preparing to leave the physical body. Playing high vibration music to lift the frequency in the room and the person's mind will significantly assist them in transitioning to the highest frequency they can at the time of passing. It is helpful to play the Om chant over and over or the Om So Hum chant.

It's best to keep negative thoughts, emotional outbursts, or other jarring energies away from the person as they are dying.

Remember that dying/transitioning is a natural process. When we can view our loved one's passing as part of the life cycle, it will be easier to participate with your loved one as they prepare for transition. It will also help you to handle the human emotions that invariably come up.

Be as cheerful and matter of fact as you can around the loved one who is in the transition process. Your loved one can hear everything, even if it appears they are unconscious. The hearing faculty continues to be active and continues after the soul leaves the body.


When a Person Dies Traumatically

Please know that the soul leaves the body before the pain and trauma occur to the physical body. They are pain-free.

There is an account of a woman in a severe car accident. Her soul left her body on impact. She could see several people in the cars behind her car praying for her. She saw the mist rising from each vehicle and heard and felt the prayers of strangers. She said it was very comforting to her. She watched the emergency vehicles arrive, saw her body extricated from her car, and watched while they put her body into the ambulance. She received medical help and life support; on the way to the hospital, she was brought back into her body and then felt the physical pain of the accident.

When a person dies traumatically or unexpectedly, the soul catapults out of the body; when a person dies this way, they usually don't know they are dead. They may watch their body from above, see all the activity surrounding them, and believe they are still living on the physical plane.


If you have had experiences at your loved one's death bed, I encourage you to share those experiences in the comments. You will be an ambassador for others to learn about death, relieve the fear, and help their loved ones through the dying process and themselves.

I would love to hear from you. Please share your comments and questions below.

Love and More...

Agni Mata

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