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Spiritual training with Rev. Ariadne Sharelle, PM

Integrative Spiritual Training with Rev. Ariadne Sharelle, PM

Integrative Spiritual Training helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and energy. Learn how to use it to connect with Source/Creator/God in a personal way. Rev. Ariadne Sharelle is a mystic, medium and spiritual trainer who uses various healing tools to support your journey. She provides spiritual training and classes.

Rev. Ariadne Sharelle acts as a spiritual guide to help you raise your spirit and shift your reality to one aligned with your authentic self. Her spiritual training and classes focus on assisting others in developing a sense of empowerment and an understanding of their internal blocks to happiness. As a spiritual guide, Rev. Ariadne Sharelle will lead you in discovering who you truly are and how to listen to your inner power.

She is an inspiring transformational speaker, mystic, spiritual medium, and author. Her spiritual training and classes can assist you in healing past wounds, dealing with domestic violence, abuse including sexual violence. You can learn how to manifest what you desire from life while finding gratitude in navigating life’s challenges.

Rev. Ariadne Sharelle has years of experience as a New York State certified advocate for victims of violence. She has put her ministerial and spiritual guidance skills into practice with terminally ill children and adults at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center in New York City, as well as her private practice.

She is Founder of Rising Spirit a non-profit organization, worked with Swami Durga Das in the Street Relief program distributing food in Queens, New York. Rev. Ariadne Sharelle served as a co-founder and managing director of the Personal Growth Institute while living in China for several years.

Are you ready to explore spiritual training and classes? Join Rev. Ariadne Sharelle to explore The Interior Path. 

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