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 Rising Spirit


Rev. Ariadne Sharelle, PM was Managing Director for her company, New Life Path.  As a New York State certified advocate for victims of violence, she put her ministerial and spiritual guidance skills into practice at the Brooklyn Community Hospital Emergency Room.  Rev. Ariadne regularly visited with the terminally ill children and adults in Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center in New York City and worked with Swami Durga Das in the Street Relief program distributing food to the hungry in Rufus King Park in Queens, New York.  While living in Mexico, she visited residents of the Cielito Lindo assisted Living Facility in Guanajuato, Mexico.  All of these activities were opportunities for Rev. Ariadne to be of service.  While living in China for several years, Rev. Ariadne Sharelle was co-founder and Managing Director of Personal Growth Institute, one of the first spiritual centers in China, where she maintained her spiritual guidance and healing practice and facilitated seminars and workshops.

Rising Spirit is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

Our purpose is to lead each individual to the awareness of their inner power and purpose through love of self and the conscious awareness that they have the ability and free will to create the life they choose.

Rising Spirit intends to be a resource for the underserved, especially women, victims of violence, and single women with children. We want to reach out, educate, empower, and guide the abused and victims of violence and sexual abuse, especially domestic violence.

Rev. Ariadne Sharelle saw the extreme suffering of people worldwide, from the United States, Asia, and Central America.

Since the 1980s, Rev. Ariadne Sharelle has been beneficial in easing suffering by administering healing methods and teaching worldwide.

She is desirous of expanding her outreach to reach many more people to educate them on becoming self-sufficient, independent, and a more significant contributor to society. It is Rising Spirit's vision that every person awakens to the oneness of all people and the Source/Creator/God within, thus contributing to a world filled with love, where people do no harm and live and let live. We intend to serve anyone who wishes to avail themselves of our services, emphasizing women and children. In other words, if they come, we will serve them.

"Be the Peace"

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