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About Sri Agni Mata

Today more than ever, humanity needs to hear the voice of the Divine, and allow the Stillness, to communicate directly to their heart of hearts.  Sri Agni Mata, an inspiring transformational speaker, spiritual medium, author, and life coach professional, speaks to you from her experience and compassion.  Sri Agni Mata doesn't just guide; she transmits energy that will shift your consciousness.  "Many are fearful, confused, and struggling to find guidance in navigating today's challenges.  Everyone carries their answers within," says Sri Agni Mata, and as your Spiritual Guide, Sri Agni Mata is honored to inspire your unique solutions through her practical "here's how you do it" approach. 

Ari Little Girl

As a Little Child...

Sri Agni Mata listened to the still small voice of the Divine speaking deep within her own heart and soul.  Now, she shares Your Way of Knowing, a straightforward 4 step system to activating awareness to the Stillness within where all the answers exist.  Sri Agni Mata's system, Your Way of Knowing, shows you how to make the highest and best decisions for anything in your life. Sri Agni Mata's recordings, Receiving Your Soul's Vision Through Meditation and Your Angels Are Calling....Are You Listening, are supplements to help you to gain and maintain that special connection with your Divine guidance and spirit guides. 

Working in a multi-cultural environment offered Sri Agni Mata expanded opportunities to communicate with people from varied cultural and religious backgrounds.  Her visits with Mother Teresa in Kolkata helped shape her conviction that spirituality is grounded in being strong in who you genuinely are.  Through her travels and pilgrimages in countries throughout Europe and Asia, she has learned that we are all one; many people, one spirit.

"Be the Peace"

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