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What is Channeling?

Channeling is how humans communicate with non-physical entities. A spiritual medium is similar to an interpreter as they receive non-verbal sensory communication and translate it into language. Sri Agni Mata can attune to your guides and relay information uniquely for you, meeting you where you're at on your soul's journey.

Sri Agni Mata is a spiritual life coach and inspiring transformational speaker. She is a spiritual medium and author who uses channeling as one way to connect with a higher realm. Sri Agni Mata has years of experience as an advocate for victims of violence. And she has worked with terminally ill children and adults and in a street relief program distributing food.

This spiritual medium raises her frequency as the Spirit lowers theirs to meet in the middle. Then a linking of energies, the channeling, occurs. With this active line of communication, Sri Agni Mata becomes a conduit to receive the transmission and convert the messages into words.

Sri Agni Mata transmits energy that can shift your consciousness. She says that everyone carries their answers within. As a spiritual medium, she inspires her clients' unique solutions through a practical and actionable approach.

Channeling is available as a small group and private sessions participants. Sri Agni Mata, LLC creates either audio, a video, or a combination recording of the session and her clients receive a free file of their session.

You can schedule a small group or private session with Sri Agni Mata online today.

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