Hydrating Relief

Hydrating Relief


Relieve redness, calm pain and itching from chemotherapy sores and radiation dermatitis while providing hydration for the skin.

  • Hush Hydrate
  • Relief Bio-Powder
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Hush Hydrate

Calm & Revitalize

Hush Hydrate is a delicate, moisturizing formula rich in botanical extracts that are not only highly antioxidant but also skilled inflammation fighters.  The most remarkable extract is that of black rice, which studies have shown is a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic compound.  Hush Hydrate brings peace to aggravated skin.

Relief Bio-Powder

Calm & Conceal

An expert blend of eight botanical extracts makes Relief Bio-Powder a powerful dermatologist-tested sensitive skin aid.  With fast-acting abilities, it quickly rescues skin under attack from redness, irritation and itchiness.  Relief Bio-Powder also helps conceal redness and, when water is added to make a paste, becomes a soothing mask.