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Updated: Apr 16, 2022


Spiritual Mediums, Spiritual Coaches, and Classes help people connect with their loved ones who have passed on and allow the medium to convey helpful messages for closure and better understanding. Communication with spirits can be done without a medium or class, but many people find it easier if not alone. Contacting those who have transitioned to another dimension also helps us connect with them in love and positive energy, which aids recovery from grief and other spiritual growth aspects such as developing empathy and humility. Mediums can help you contact your Spirit Guides, Source/Creator, and your Total Energetic Self (Soul). Here are some of the critical elements of attending spiritual classes or working with a medium you need to know about:

What Are Spiritual Classes?

Spiritual classes are often offered by mediums who are interested in helping others develop their abilities. It could be that they are interested in teaching people how to open up their clairvoyance, also known as clear seeing, clairsentience, which is clear feeling. Clairaudience entails clear hearing and claircognizant, also known as clear knowing. A medium may hold classes like these throughout the year.

What Does It Mean to Have the Ability to Communicate With Spirits?

The ability to communicate with spirits means that the spiritual medium can feel things or vibes around people/places/things. Such people see things, hear things or voices, smell things, taste things, and sometimes even experience physical sensations on their bodies when spirits touch them during communication sessions. The spiritual medium must first develop their senses and then learn to use them effectively to pick up on the slightest clues from spirit.

What Type of Person Makes a Good Spiritual Medium?

Some people are born with natural abilities. Others have to work harder to develop their abilities. A good spiritual medium is someone who has an open mind, is patient, has a good sense of humor, can be discerning, can stay grounded and balanced emotionally and mentally, and has a strong desire to help others.

How Does One Become a Certified Spiritual Medium?

There is no one specific answer to becoming a certified spiritual medium, as each medium will be unique in becoming certified. Some may attend workshops, do private readings, take a class, read books, and practice.

How Can One Go About Finding A Spiritual Medium?

One can take many avenues. Some effective ways include asking friends and family members if they know anyone. You may also consider watching TV for national mediums who travel to certain cities and hold group events, reading names on websites, and doing research into finding a list of mediums in your area. It might be that you would like to choose some local ones first before trying those on television or online too. During these unique times you can safely schedule a session with a medium or attended classes virtually through Zoom or FaceTime.The choice is really up to you.

A spiritual medium is a person who can communicate with spirits. One can do this by using many different types of tools available today. A family member or friend might have given you their name, or perhaps you have seen them on TV. Spiritual classes offer an opportunity for you to learn more about spirit communication. You will develop your talents at your own pace with one on one coaching with the medium or within a group environment.

- Sri Agni Mata

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