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Updated: Apr 24, 2022

How to Control Your Thoughts

To train the mind is similar to a wild horse in the field. If you wish to train the horse, you show up regularly and watch the horse. You observe him eating grass, rolling in the dirt, resting, running around. He pays no attention to you.

As you continue to show up and observe every day, he eventually begins to notice you. He stops what he’s doing, and he is still for a few moments. Then he goes about his antics. As you continue to observe him, he starts to focus on you and is still for more extended periods. He is not racing around frantically. The more you show up and observe him, the more his movements calm down. Soon he automatically calms down when you show up and watch. After a time, he will stop running around when you observe him, and he stands and watches. After a time, as you continue to monitor him, he will become calm when you are present. He soon will allow you to put reins on him, and he will easily follow where you guide him. After some repetition, he will concede to you getting on his back and going where he is shown.

This is the mind’s way; it is like a wild horse. With repeated focus and showing up quietly, you will observe your thoughts. Maybe for only a few seconds at first before becoming lost in the wild, erratic wonderings in your thoughts. Gradually and with consistency, there will come a day when you realize that your thoughts are calmer and your focus is more significant.

Now you’re ready to control the mind with your intention.

Who is Observing Your Thoughts?

This energy, this essence of you, is the one that observes. The observer of your thoughts is the real you, your authentic, Divine, sacred self that has been with you since you were born and before you came into physical life. The you that observes your thoughts is what I call the “Awakened Watcher.” The Awakened Watcher is the one watching the antics of the mind. You can use the Awakened Watcher to manifest your desires in the physical world through pure intention and sitting quietly in the Stillness, which is your natural state.

How-to Guide Your Thoughts

Your thoughts can be guided through your intentions by knowing what you wish to create. Observe your thoughts right now. What are you thinking at this moment? By knowing what you were just thinking just now, you actually used the Awakened Watcher, which is you! You see, this is your natural way of being. It requires that you only become awake to your inner knowing. Through this knowing, you will be able to hold the reins of the mind and guide it with your pure intention, love, kindness, and persistence.

Begin with a simple mantra. The mantra will help calm the mind by giving it something to focus on. Like the wild horse who had a person to focus on, you’re giving the mind a focus.

You can start with simply chanting “OM” or “Om So Hum” in your mind or out loud. As you practice regularly, your mind will settle down and get calmer. You will experience an overall calmness within yourself.

Chanting with Malas or Prayer Beads

If you chant a mantra during meditation while holding your mala (prayer beads or rosary beads,) your vibration will begin to be infused in the beads. Your frequency is automatically increased because of the high vibration of the mantra and chanting. You can hold a mala or prayer beads while chanting the mantra. When you chant the mantra, move to the next bead and chant it again. Continue chanting and moving along the beads all the way around the mala. Do this around the mala as many times as you feel called to do.

Wearing Malas and Prayer Beads

Wearing the mala or prayer beads throughout the day benefits your vibration as you go about the day. The more you chant and pray with your beads, the more infused with, the higher frequencies they become, supporting you in sustaining a higher vibration. You can wear the beads inside or outside of your clothing.

The beads are not a substitute for your intentions or your meditations; they are a tool to help focus your thoughts and enhance your vibration. When you remember them or touch them throughout the day, they will act as a prompt to bring your mind to Creator/Source/God, automatically raising your frequency. You gradually will be living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way!

For more information contact Sri Agni Mat - email or 307.200.9484

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